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Below are the 2018 Colorado Legislative Bills that Business & Professional Women of Colorado (BPW Colorado) as an organization supports or opposes. Link to the PDFs: BPW CO Legislative Bill List 2018 May 09 or BPW CO 2018 Leg Bills by Platform 2018.05


Bills that we SUPPORT:


SB 007 - Affordable Housing Tax Credit (Tate & Guzman/Duran & K.Becker)

The bill renames the Affordable Housing Tax Credit to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and extends the availability of the tax credit through the end of 2024.


SB 9 - Allow Electric Utility Customers Install Storage Equipment (Fenberg & Priola)

The bill declares that consumers of electricity have a right to install, interconnect, and use electricity storage systems on their property, and that this will enhance the reliability and efficiency of the electric grid, save money, and reduce the need for additional electric generation facilities.  The bill directs the Public Utilities Commission to adopt rules governing the installation, interconnection, and use of customer-sited distributed electricity storage systems.


SB 24 - Expand Access Behavioral Health Care Providers (Tate & Jahn/Singer)

The bill allows the Department of Public Health and Environment to identify shortage areas of behavioral health providers; to include these providers in a loan repayment program if they commit to providing behavioral health care services in the shortage areas for a specified time period; to prioritize loan repayment and scholarships for the providers whose services are in private settings that serve underserved populations; and to establish a scholarship program to defray the costs of obtaining certification as an addition counselor.  It appropriates $2.5 million from the marijuana tax cash fund.


SB 55 - Increase Surcharge for Trafficking Children (T.Neville)

The bill adds the crime of human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude to the definition of a crime against a child, to require people convicted of this crime to pay a fine of $1,500-$2,000 to the court for the judicial district in which the conviction occurs.


SB 60 - Protective Orders in Criminal Cases (Coram/Hamner)

The bill adds two new types of protection orders for cases involving domestic violence:  one for taking, transferring, concealing, harming, disposing of, or threatening to harm an animal owned, possessed, leased, kept, or held by the alleged victim or witness; and one for directing a wireless telephone service provider to transfer the financial responsibility for and rights to a wireless telephone number or numbers to the petitioner if the petitioner satisfies certain criteria. 


SB 64 - Require 100% Renewable Energy by 2035 (Jones/Foote) - PI


SB 84 Protection Minor Victims of Human Trafficking (Kefalas/Lundeen & Landgraf)

The bill protects minors who are victims of human trafficking of a minor for involuntary servitude and for sexual servitude.  The bill clarifies that any person who is less than 18 years of age who engages in conduct that would constitute prostitution if such person were an adult is presumed to be a minor who is a victim of human trafficking and must be referred to the appropriate county department of human or social services for care and services.


SB 157 – Colorado Women’s Veterans Act (A.Williams/Danielson) - PI


SB 169 – Offenses Against Civil and Administrative Witnesses

The bill clarifies that the offenses of intimidating a witness or victim and retaliation against a witness or victim apply to witnesses in criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings.


HB 1001 - Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program Wage Replacement (Winter & Gray/Donovan)

The bill creates the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program in the Division of FAMLI in the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to provide partial wage-replacement benefits to an eligible individual who takes leave from work to care for a new child or a family member with a serious health condition or who is unable to work due to the individual's own serious health condition.  Each employee in the state will pay a premium determined by the director of the division by rule, which premium is based on a percentage of the employee's yearly wages and must not exceed 0.99%. The premiums are deposited into the FAMLI Fund from which family and medical leave benefits are paid to eligible individuals. The division is established as an enterprise, and premiums paid into the fund are not considered state revenues for purposes of the taxpayer's bill of rights (TABOR).


HB 1004 - Continue Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (Coleman & Wilson/Kefalas & Tate)

The bill extends for another 5 years the income tax credit for a monetary contribution to promote child care in the state, at an amount equal to 50% of the total value of the contribution.


HB 1007 - Substance Abuse Disorder Payment and Coverage (Kennedy & Singer/Lambert & Jahn)

The bill requires all individual and group health benefit plans to provide coverage without prior authorization for a five-day supply of buprenorphine for a first request within a 12-month period.  Additionally, it prohibits all individual and group health benefit plans that cover physical therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic services from subjecting those services to dollar limits, deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance provisions that are less favorable than those applicable to primary care services under the plan, if the covered person has a diagnosis of chronic pain and has or has had a substance use disorder diagnosis.  The bill prohibits carriers from taking adverse action against a provider or from providing financial incentives or disincentives to a provider based solely on a patient satisfaction survey relating to the patient's satisfaction with pain treatment.


HB 1018 - Human Trafficking Commercial Drivers License (Carver & Jackson/Cooke & Zenzinger)

The bill requires that the training to obtain a commercial driver's license contain education to prevent human trafficking. It requires the Department of Revenue to collaborate with organizations that specialize in the recognition and prevention of human trafficking, and other state agencies and to publish information about human trafficking for commercial driver's license holders and trainees.


HB 1034 - Career and Tech Ed Grant Program (Covarruvias & McKean/Priola)

The bill creates the career and technical education capital grant program. The state Work Force Development Council in the Department of Labor and Employment will award grants through the program to area technical colleges, school districts, and community colleges to use for equipment, or construction and maintenance of buildings, related to career and technical education. In awarding grants, the council will prioritize applicants from rural areas of the state. 



HB 1064 - Training Program Prevention Child Sexual Abuse (Michaelson Jenet)

The bill directs the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund board to develop and administer a training program to prevent child sexual abuse for early childhood providers and others who interact with young children.


HB 1071 - Regulate Oil Gas Operations Protect Public Safety (Salazar) - PI


HB 1088 – Funding for Full-Day Kindergarten (Wilson)

The bill increases the supplemental kindergarten enrollment for the 2018-19 budget year and each budget year thereafter from 0.08 to 0.16 of a full-day pupil. The bill specifies the intent to continue increasing the supplemental kindergarten enrollment each budget year until students enrolled in kindergarten are funded as full-day pupils in the 2023-24 budget year.


HB 1125 - Tax Credit Employer-Assisted Housing Pilot Program (Wilson) - PI


HB 1243 – Civil Rape Shield (Foote & Wist/Coram & Fields)

The bill creates a “rape shield law” for civil cases.  A “rape shield law” is one which presumes that evidence of a victim's sexual conduct is irrelevant and not admissible.


HB 1245 - Prohibit Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider (Rosenthal & Michaelson Jenet/ Fenberg & Guzman)

The bill prohibits a licensed physician specializing in psychiatry or a licensed, certified, or registered mental health care provider from engaging in conversion therapy (efforts that seek to change an individual's sexual orientation, including efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attraction or feelings toward individuals of the same sex) with a patient under 18 years of age.


HB 1256 – Sunset Continue Civil Rights Division & Commission (Duran/Gardner)

The bill implements the recommendation of the Department of Regulatory Agencies in its sunset review of the Colorado Civil Rights Division and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to continue the commission and the division and their respective functions for 9 years, through September 1, 2027.


HB 1261 – Colorado Arbitration Fairness Act (Weissman)

The bill puts onto consumer and employment arbitrations new ethical standards for arbitrators; it allows challenges to the impartiality of arbitrators and arbitration services, requires certain disclosures by them, and authorizes injunctive relief against those who participate in certain acts.


HB 1262 – Arbitration Services Provider Transparency Act (Jackson & Roberts)

The bill requires arbitration services providers that administer consumer or employment arbitrations to collect, publish, and make available specified information on those arbitrations administered in the previous 5 years. The bill amends a provision of the uniform arbitration act to make the bill effective.


HB 1274 – Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 (KC Becker & Bridges/Kerr)

The bill requires that, by the year 2050, statewide greenhouse gas emissions be reduced by at least 80% of the levels of greenhouse gas emissions that existed in the year 2005.




Bills that we OPPOSE:


HB 1036 – Reduce Business Personal Property Tax (Leonard/T.Neville) - PI


HB 1082 - Woman's Right to Accurate Health Care Information (Saine/Marble) - PI


HB 1106 – Minimum Wage Requirement Waiver (D.Williams) - PI


HB 1206 – Live and Let Live Act (Humphrey/Lundberg)

The bill prohibits the state government from discriminating based on their religious beliefs against foster parents or adoptive parents; anyone who declines to participate in counseling or treatment for sex reassignment or relating to gender identity; persons or businesses that refuse to serve customers or provide services; persons or businesses that establish sex-specific standards concerning access to things like restrooms; and employees’ conduct that is an expression of their religion.  Furthermore, the state government is prohibited from discriminating based on religious beliefs against refusals to grant marriage licenses or perform marriages.



HB 1225 – Protect Human Life at Conception (Humphrey/Lundberg)- PI